December 2

Got a phone call from Capt. Paul Dehrer, asking if I wanted to go to fish Lake Erie in Northeast, PA.   After a short consideration…off we went.   Lake Erie was nice and calm, and fish was really good.

We had 27 bites and landed 24 in just about 3 hours…a nice mix of good size lakers and small steelhead.   Most of our lakers were low to mid teens, with the biggest at 22 lbs, and steelies up to about 5 lbs.

25-30 Fow, riggers with spoons and 4 board sets.

With all the fishing I’ve done, a bunch of firsts….first December laker and steelie on open water on Lake Erie, and first of both in PA.   Great day on the lake.  Thanks Capt. Paul for the invite!

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