May 15/16/17

The salmon fish continues to be “lights out”!   Kongo had a group of firemen from Conneticut  come in, and it was a blast!    DW Mag green gator, Carbon 41,  Pink Taco Warrior, Two face spin doc with stud flies and the stop light coho rig off the boards!  Great!!

Sadly, seemingly very quickly even though we were there longer this year, it was time to go…well, almost….

I had noticed a wobble on the way up with the boat in April on one tire.  Never saw a bad spot, because in retrospect it was on the ground side…..but fortunately I saw it a lift out….

Really glad we did…and we some great help from Zimmies Tires in Lockport we were good to go!

Had a blast in Wilson….can’t wait for next time….but now onto northern pike trip and the LAKE ERIE WALLEYE!


May 11/12

The only word I can use to describe the action is, WOW!

Over the years, especially at the Oak, I’ve had more fish landed for 1 day than this weekend, but nowhere near as fast.  Really, truly, cannot get any better!

Warrior spoiled rotten, DW green gator and 2 face the best.

Fishing is awesome!   One more week and we move back to work on walleye!

Cinco De Mayo!

Had our friends Marty and Ethan come up from Fredonia, and Capt. Joe (II Bulls) joined us for the day.  Pretty darn good.   Took the inside pass to Daisy Barn and back…2 coho and a brown, then moved offshore and got into more coho, kings and lakers.    All in all a pretty nice morning!

Boards inside were bay rats (darker color over brights).  Offshore was Warrior Pink Spoiler and 2 face got it done, along with DW chicken wing and a two face spin doc/stud fly combo.

Back at it later this week………..

April 26/27-SPLASHDOWN 2018!!

Times Two is in the water on Lake Ontario at Wilson!                           Looking forward to  the next 3+ weeks salmon and                                      trout fishing!

Got out for out shakedown and landed a few brown trout                       and a nice coho.   Bay Rat Short Shallows of the boards did                  the damage…my secret and BT Candy.

10-15 feet of water, GPS 2.2-2.4.    Rats 100-125 back on the boards.

Looking forward to some great dates coming up!