June 23, 28 and 29

The northeast winds blew hard for a couple of days, and we saw something we don’t often see on Lake Erie….a very Lake Ontario like flip, including shoreline fog on more than one occasion, and then full blown fog on the 28th.   That also meant we saw a massive shift in water temps, again very unusual for us…and the ice water rolled in.  That also meant the walleye went on a diet!

One the 2rd, we rolled way east and managed to find some warmer water.   We put in some walleye and also a couple of steelhead and a surprise coho!



The 28th and 29th were a true grind.   Lots of lulls, and scattered pockets of fish.   We did manage to find Sam a nice big laker, and then got into a nice class of walleye.   Very solid groups on very tough conditions, and we greatly appreciate that!



The most consistent setup we’ve had has been the Bay Rat long deeps in Machine and Purple Wish on 5 color, but for the most part it has been a very scattered bite.   The good news is the warmer water seemed like it was rolling back in today……    We hope it does!





June 16 pm

This season, Gary (Kongo Charters) and I (obviously, Times Two Charters) decided to join up with the Erie PA Charter Boat Association.   We had gone to the Walleye School in the Spring, and met/knew a few guys, and found that their way was way more in tune with our beliefs and ideas than the group we were with, SO….

Time to make a change for the better….

So the EPACBA held a dinner cruise on the Victorian Princess for member Captains and their best “mates”……food was good, evening was beautiful!   And we met some of our new brother Captains!!  All in all, a nice night!

June 16/17

Couple of beautiful calm mid-June days on the lake, and the bite was pretty steady for this time of year.    Saturday our crew of 4 picked away at a really nice box of eaters.    Bay Rats put a few fish in for us of the boards, as usual on 5 color, but it was primarily a spoon bite kind of day.    Krantz lightweights of the riggers, and yecks off the divers were really good.   55-60 down and 155 on the side in 55-65 fow.

Sunday was a tougher bite….could have actually used a little breeze to get a ripple on the water.   Yecks and sticks on the divers and riggers and again a few board bites with Bay Rats.


June 10

Overnight marine forecast from June 9 said small craft advisory thru Sunday into Monday am, plus chance of t-storms….so told the guys let’s hold off.   Get up and look out the window…what the heck??…beautiful lake conditions.   Long story short, we don’t get out until almost 1, fish for a couple of hours and put the first walleye on the deck of Times Two for the year.

Bay Rats on 5 and 7 color, and also one on a DW super slim two face.

Also had some Lake Ontario mojo left in the boat, as we hooked up with 2 lakers in tight!

June 7

Times Two is in the water and ready to catch some eyes!

Capt. Jared (Outkast) asked us if we’d like to tag along on his shakedown, so we said sure!   We were joined by Capt. Mark (365 Sportfishing) and Sean Patrick McGraw (our country music singer!)

Beautiful day, calm lake, and put a number of eyes in the box!

As is typical this time of year, fish in the 45-60 foot range and on a variety of setups including 5/7 color lead with Bay Rats and Super Slims off the slide divers.

May 26-29 French River

Our group of 4 headed north to French River expecting to deal with lots of weather issues.  Forecast called for showers and T-storms every day.   Apparently Canadian weather forecasters are as “off” as their American counterparts, because honestly, I’m not sure it could have been nice.   No wind to speak of, limited blackflies, over 75 degrees and sunny.   Oh, and I forgot to mention the pike bite was on!

In 2 1/2 days, we landed 279 pike.   For each one landed there was follows and lost fish.   Jack and I even set the group record for 78 combined pike in 1 day for the boat!

The last day, Jack decided to try out some of the Bay Rats that are so good on Lake Erie, and landed several pike and a nice bass!

Beautiful scenery, and a very bright full moon on a calm night our last night on the river!

The French River is one of my favorite places to go…and Anne, Joe and Keith at French River Lodge have been treating us great for years!