June 23, 28 and 29

The northeast winds blew hard for a couple of days, and we saw something we don’t often see on Lake Erie….a very Lake Ontario like flip, including shoreline fog on more than one occasion, and then full blown fog on the 28th.   That also meant we saw a massive shift in water temps, again very unusual for us…and the ice water rolled in.  That also meant the walleye went on a diet!

One the 2rd, we rolled way east and managed to find some warmer water.   We put in some walleye and also a couple of steelhead and a surprise coho!



The 28th and 29th were a true grind.   Lots of lulls, and scattered pockets of fish.   We did manage to find Sam a nice big laker, and then got into a nice class of walleye.   Very solid groups on very tough conditions, and we greatly appreciate that!



The most consistent setup we’ve had has been the Bay Rat long deeps in Machine and Purple Wish on 5 color, but for the most part it has been a very scattered bite.   The good news is the warmer water seemed like it was rolling back in today……    We hope it does!





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