July 16/17

Finally, FINALLY!  We got a few days of nice southwest flow, and no northeast wind…and all of a sudden game on again!

Had Tom and his crew on Sunday, July 16.   Started out a bit to the west of the harbor, but got a call from our buddy Mark on 365 that we might want to come back towards the harbor a bit and away we went.   Great box of eaters and a great group of guys.

Monday, we had our pal Drake again with Lindsey, Rob and a newbie in Randy, but man was the fishing smoking hot!   You have 4 fish in the box before you have 3 rods in the water and you know its going to be a good day.   3 bonus steelhead, lots of action and a laker for Drake at the end!

Program was the same both days.   Small spoons on 40 and 49 rigger, higher divers….one slide at 100-120 and a walker diver at 85-100, 5 color off one side, 2 color off the other…with sticks and a 6 color down the chute.   Diver bite and rigger bite awful on Sunday, way better on Monday.  55-70 fow.   Mix of colors on the sticks but seemed like firetiger the best for us.

Hope they stay and the weather holds because we have a bunch of dates coming up!

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