July 6/7/8/9

July 6/7

Had our long time clients and friends Jay and Clem coming up…forecast for Friday pm iffy at best….and that’s what it was…agreed to call it, and put the time in on Saturday.  Sure glad we did!  Great walleye bite, and a few bonus steelhead to boot!

July 8

Short trip with Jack, my brother Lukas and his son Patrick…..not fast and furious but put Patrick on his first and biggest ‘eye!

July 9

Had Michael and crew on board again.   Last year we had to cancel the first 4 trips due to weather, and when we finally got out it was nasty and rough….but the fish was great.

Got out early on a calm lake…fish still high and scattered….but put some good ones in before she kicked up!   Mixed bag of walleye, lake trout, smallmouth, perch and white bass!

Long story short for the last 4 days…fish for the most part about 35 ft and spooky.   Got some deep fish that had been laying on the bottom.   4-6 color, 99% shallow sticks like bay rats.   Popping 40-50 riggers with WD’s.


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