2018 Conservation Club Derby-August 3/4/5

I have fished deepwater on the Great Lakes since 1986, including a portion of the hey-days in the late 80’s/early 90’s.   Granted equipment that I have now is way better, and I think I’ve learned a few things…but WOW, I don’t know how to describe how great the 3 day derby was.   Over 130 walleye boated, the majority really nice “eaters”.   Great fun fishing or charter fish, for sure, but not derby winners.

We had a few good ones and started really strong with a 4th place finish on Friday.   We couldn’t stay on the bigger fish, and slipped to a respectable, but not great 22nd place by Sunday.

My brother made a guest appearance on the team on Saturday, which was nice considering he got our biggest fish of the day, and definitely the most walleye action he’s been on.

For us, we had a great consistent rigger bite on the inside waters with small spoons…not so much offshore.   Divers and boards kind of alternated being hot, with the best of that a 145 diver with a watermelon WD spoon.   Off the boards were 6/7 color with shallow and diving sticks.  The Purple Wish Bay Rat was pretty effective, as were perch pattern shallow divers.   Had a tough time getting an effective chute rod bite.

And after last years horrid weather, was really nice to have a nice lake to fish!

Congratulations to G-Man on the win, and to all our fellow teams.


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