August 10/11/12/13

The great fishing of 2018 continues!   2018 will be defined for sure by a strong class of 16-18″ fish….which bodes extremely well for the next couple of seasons.   We have adjusted our tactics slightly and have been able to work those higher fish a little better than we have seen in the past.

So, we had a cancellation that was filled up by my sister and her crew, northeast blow that built a bit….but got good numbers..

Short trip on the llth….had a decent bite plus a bonus laker….

Repeat groups both Sunday and Monday…thank you very much for that….nice bunch of eaters and a slob laker…..and Michael, Dakota and Eli (the walleye guy) with a limit of walleye and 2 lakers ….

Pretty much same program as it’s been of late…inside waters…diving sticks of 4 to 7 color on the boards…120-145 divers with sticks and spoons and small spoons popped of the riggers….

Mother Nature hurt us last few days but back at it Friday, I hope…



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