August 24/25/26

The consistent 2018 fishing continues….despite some rough water conditions over the last week.   The fish, for us, moved a bit farther offshore then they have been…75-90 vs 60 ft a couple of weeks ago.  Down temp really warmed up, and the fish went deep.   Didn’t take us too long to swap out the high lines for 10 color, copper and deep riggers and divers.

Our Friday group was cancelled due to weather several times in 2017, and had to move once due to a conflict this season, so it was nice to finally get out and on some fish.    Really improved once we ditched that banana!

Saturday was rolling pretty hard, and everyone hung in there!  Great early bite.

Because that bite was so good, we rolled out after our trip to grab a few so we could have a walleye dinner and weren’t disappointed!

And finally Sunday…another rolling Lake Erie day….but very solid action, especially the first hour or so!

Same basic lure package….divers on the boards, small spoons on the riggers and a mix of shallow sticks on the walker divers.  Only real difference was the adjustment to deeper settings.   I should note too that we dropped to a 5 rod set Saturday and Sunday…2 riggers at 62 and 68, 2 divers at 170-185 on #2 and a 300 copper down the chute.

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