July 27/28/29 and 31!

When you live on the eastern end of Lake Erie, you know that Mother Nature can be cruel at times.   Forecast looked like it would be a good, but both the 27th and 28th found us looking at waves rolling on the breakwall, waterspouts, waves of the cliffs to the east of the harbor and so on.   Major disappointment!

The 29th started out with quite a bit of leftover roll (to be expected) and ultimately laid down very nicely.  Fish were in a very cooperative mood for Rob and his family….glad we were able to flop their normal August date forward!

July 31 was just an awesome day.  Forecast rain never materialized, flat lake, lots of action with a bonus 12lb laker on top.

Same rigs we’ve been running in general…110-140 divers (spoons have been better of late), 5-7 color off the boards with mostly diving baits (#LOVEBAYRATS), and continuous working over the riggers!

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