September 15/16

September 15…..More great fishing!!

Temps moved around some, so we made some adjustments….but great fishing again, nice lake conditions….could have done without the bugs!

September 16

Great way to spend my birthday!   Fishing with Jack and Gary. More of the same…..lots and lots of lures in the boxes, but really have run the same basic setup for weeks.  Only variation has been on what core….

Today, higher… 4/5 got it done….


August 31 and September 1/2

Headed out on the 31th to 70ft or so….DESERT!  SAY WHAT?   so we decided to track north and we found them.    Deep in the water column, but once we were there a great bite!

On the 1st…natural move is to head back to same water….no significant change in temp, directions, etc overnight ….and WHAT??? Ice water.  14 degree break between 50 and 55 on rigger in 70 ft.   Head north, out to 100 ft+ and we found them again!

Frank and Tim had it down for the most part….and so did Buttercup!

September 2….didn’t like look on radar…but it was a ways away…and then it got closer, and closer….had a good bite going….but time to get the heck out of there!!!!

140-165 clipped divers, 6 and 8 color on the boards.  All  sticks.  50 and 60 ft riggers with small spoons.  Finally got chute rod working today after a couple of days of no show…300 copper with a shallow stick.

Lisa wants to catch one hopefully forecast holds!