Con Club Derby Aug 2-3-4

The 2019 derby was everything we expected….lots of fish and not a lot of big ones! We had 3 nice ones on the first day… saw the last one….didn’t land any of them and that would have been a bit more interesting after Day 1…. instead we sat in 62nd after day 1, but over 35 boats within 2 pounds either way… Slide up each day and ended up in 39th for our final out of 110 boats. Good but not great and lots of fun. The fish fry at the end at Gary’s was awesome! Oh, and of course in a walleye tournament one of our first fish was a brown trout!

July 13-31, 2019

We are getting closer to being up to date…. so…. second half of the month found us working the same waters, literally for about 4 weeks straight. West of Van Buren Point, 45-65 fow. 4/5/6 leadcore with straight and diving sticks, 40-50 on the riggers with WDS and 100-125 on “2” on the divers. Changed less than 6 lures in 3 weeks!

Got some old friends aboard first….Jay/Clem and then Charlie…two of first groups way back when and now we gladly think of them as friends. Then on to our buddy Michael (and Eli the walleye guy), then to some local friends plus my sister and some new groups too! All in all a great second half of the month!

July 12, 2019

We got the call from our buddies Capt. Joe (Two Bulls) and Capt. Al (Instigator) to see if we wanted to shoot up to Wilson for some salmon fishing. Very quick yes!

Lots of action early…and had a blast! Always great to see our friends!

July 1-11, 2019

And we are still catching up! Early July was pretty good fishing. We were on the fish west of Van Buren Point, working the edges of the structure out there, and west beyond that into 45-65 fow. 3-5 Color with straight sticks was the generally best method, combined with 85-115 divers and 40-45 riggers. Don’t like working across the top…but sometimes you have too!

Ethan, Patrick and Marty with some nice eaters!
One of our regulars, Jason, with a nice early season eye!
Former teammate Matty with his buds!
Always great to have Corey, his dad and crew on board!

French River 2019

Followed up our great May run at Wilson with our annual pike trip to French River. Like Lake Erie and Lake Ontario….record high water and it definitely affected the fishing. Still had a blast and still landed a lot over 3 days…..with Ethan, Jack and Marty….

We’ve gone to the French River Lodge a long time, and its sad to see that its actively on the market. Anne and Joe are great people, and we understand this will be best for them. Really hoping she’s open again in 2020!

Wilson-May 2019

Sorry for the delay in posts…working thru some site upgrades! Anyway…we had a blast at Wilson this May….little bit tough on the front end but really, really good on the back end!

Fish On!!

We’ve made some great friends over the last few years for sure! And we love being at BootLeggers Marina! 2020 we are hoping to be up in late April to get in on some of the great Brown Trout fishing! Give us a call or shoot us an email and get your 2020 date on the books!