December 20

This has not been a great fall on the local tributary for sure, but I had a little time to get out on the last day of fall….surprisingly, had more hookups than expected, and landed this two beauties!



A Few Christmas Ideas…..

A Few Christmas Ideas….

Still looking for a Christmas gifts for the fisherman or fisherwoman in your life?  We thought we’d take a minute to help you out!

Charter(s)  How about a Lake Erie walleye charter or a Lake Ontario salmon charter?  We can set it up anyway you want, either for a specific trip length or a dollar value towards a trip.   We’ll send you   a nice gift certificate and a Times Two Hat to put with it under your tree!

Rod or Reel  We absolutely love the new Coldwater Series Rods   and Reels from Okuma!  Very nice set up for the deep water fisherperson in your life!   You can find them at, or many of the tackle dealers in your area!

Fishing Line   We made the change over to GAMMA line about            6 years ago now, and we have been VERY PLEASED with their   lines.   Its all we run on “Times Two” whether braid, mono or fluorocarbon leaders.  You can get your order set with Heidi at

Bay Rat Lures?   We started running their new lures this past      spring on Lake Ontario, and the salmon and trout went crazy for them!   For Lake Ontario, we loved the coho crusher and the orange flash.   On Lake Erie, the black mamba and the machine  were the best!

Creative Imprint Systems  If you are in need of someone to do silk screening or embroidery, or to create than new logo for your  charter service or fishing team, then Jeremy at CIS is your guy!      No job is too big or too small.    They helped us get our new logo set last summer, and do all of the Times Two shirts, sweatshirts  and hats you’ve seen us wearing.    Jeremy (or us) can assist you if your looking to get any custom Times Two apparel, or if you need help designing a logo for your own purposes.   Their site is

*** Other quick hits for you…… How about a lifetime fishing license from NYS.      A Gift Certificate to go stream fishing with our pal, Marty at   A quality rainsuit.   Took me years of working thru other suits until we got into the Guidewear Series from Gander Mountain.  Cabela’s offers it to.

For stocking stuffers….. blacks downrigger releases; quality snap swivels (we like the dreamweaver products); sunflower seeds; sunscreen; blackbird phantom floats (for perch fishing or streams); hook removers; slide diver rings; batteries for the camera; Guiness and Doritos!

Lake Effect Snow!

Thank you to all of you that have made inquiry to us about the snow!

In Dunkirk, we probably ended up with 2 feet of snow or so, all yesterday (Wednesday).   Just south of Buffalo got hammered, which is probably what you have all seen on TV.   We have not had school for 3 days, mostly due to the fact that we have a good number of staff that reside in the hardest hit areas, and they simply cannot get to school to teach.

The following are pics that have been circulating around facebook and such, but offer a look at how the storm was.   This first one is really cool!  I have lived on Lake Erie most of my life, and have seen some really cool storms, but never as defined a line of storms as this!


Literally one minute sun, then next a white out.

The next two shots I grabbed off a twitter feed from former Buffalo Sabres player Jay McKee.   Shows a similar shot to the one above, but from a plane.   The other shows how deep the snow is on the I-90 interstate.


Its November 19, and it acts like winter.   Is it too early to have cabin fever?   Yikes, I think it time to grab “Kongo” and go look at a boat!


2015 Calendar is open!

Thank you to all of you that came onboard in 2014, either in Wilson or Dunkirk.    We have had a blast running trips on both lakes and look forward to every day we can get out on the lake!

I know it’s not even November yet, but I’m as excited about the fishing today as I was when our season started on Lake Ontario in early May!

Our 2015 calendar is now open!   I am very happy to say we will be running trips again on Lake Ontario during May with our close friend, Capt. Gary (Kongo Charters).   Not sure what boat we will have up there yet (but that’s something to discuss possibly in a later blog).   We will be back and ready to rock on Lake Erie starting in mid-June.   As usual, weekend dates on both lakes will fill up first, and we have several groups that have already booked.   NOW is the time to start talking to your group to get your first choice in dates!





This could be you in 2015!   Give us a call or shoot us an email today!


Finally on the tribs….

After a very windy, slow wind down to the lake season, and a short weekend trip to Chautauqua Lake, we were ready to get some stream action going.    And they had no water, and we waited, and waited and waited…..then finally Friday night it rains hard, which then gave us chocolate milk for Saturday, and into Sunday…..

SO, FINALLY, I got a chance to get out today!   Unbelievable how fast it cleared and how fast it dropped back down.   But we hooked up a few times ….grab and gone….then finally hooked into a really nice steelhead that we did land!


Not a bad way to start the week!


Labor Day Weekend……

August 30

Had Jay and Loni aboard today.  They were the successful bidders from a trip we donated to the Niagara River Muskie Association earlier this year.    We started out on a pretty rough lake, but still managed to land walleye, lake trout, steelhead, perch, sheepshead and silver bass.   Just never know what you are going to catch.

85-105 fow straight out was best.  Early, pink purple glow yecks on the riggers, the an erie descent reef runner on the 10 color, 1 and 2 ounces, then the 185 diver with renosky’s.

August 31

A blow day as forecast!

September 1

Captain Gary (Kongo Charters B-day!).   Headed out on Kongo with Zoya, Destiny, Gerb and Gary to see what we could come up with.


Ended up landing enough walleye for a great Labor Day dinner… fixed several different ways (see our after the catch page on our website).


Again the 85 ft range seemed the best….77 rigger with the pink, purple glow Yeck, ten color with the reef runner eriedescent with 3 ounces, the 175 slide on 2 with a purple scatter rap were the best.



Oak trip-2014

Took a break from walleye fishing to head up to Oak Orchard for our annual late summer salmon trip.  Hard to believe our first time was in 1986!

First afternoon we took a run offshore to the 28 line.   Hooked up on a few quality steelhead and salmon!  Didn’t take long to realize the new UV DW spoons I picked up the week before were going to be good!


Next day the fog was in, so we carefully worked our way back offshore.  Kind of eerie to hear the fog horns from the freighters, and not be able to see them.


Had a lot of action on steelhead again…..oak2014d[1]

And also got into some really nice salmon!oak14f[1]


Jack landed a beauty…read 26 lbs on the boat scale, and later weighed in at 26.06lbs at Narbys.   Good enough to take the lead in the youth category! (Unfortunately didn’t last long, but still pretty cool!)



Decided to stay on the inside waters and I got to land a nice one as well!


The cold water moved in on Saturday, and so did the NE winds.  Pushed hard all day, and we  stayed on the inside waters trying to work up a big guy.   Had about a 10lber, a laker and a handful of skippers.

Sunday, had to clear out of the cabin first, but did manage to get offshore for a few hours before we rolled.   Picked at a few more kings and steelhead, although no real size.

Much like our fishing in Wilson in May, my “go to” lures didn’t do much.  But the UV DW’s in Sea Sick Waddler and the Lemon Ice were real good for us.  In spin docs, the white glow with a Siggs Riggs mirage fly took the biggest fish, and we had action on the 42nd spin doc and fly.

Had another great trip, and great to see our friends at the Black North Inn!  Back on Lake Erie to finish out the season!





Bay Rat Lures/Creative Imprint Systems

Recently was in Erie to pick up a shirt order from Jeremy over at Creative Imprint Systems.  IF you are looking for any kind of silk screen or embroidery work….you need to give CIS a chance.

Awesome folks, and the designers of the last two Times Two logos!

While in town, we stopped over to see James and the crew at Bay Rat Lures.   For those that follow our reports (and saw the spring Lake Ontario reports before our blog went down), these lures were top  notch for salmon and trout!

We’ve used them some… fairness not enough…but we have caught a good number of walleye on them too!   Now that we have a few of the 4″ ones to try….I bet we hammer the fish!  They look great!

Be sure to check them out at!


August 9

I wouldn’t classify today as hot and heavy, but we did manage a slow but steady pick at the walleye.  Throw in a couple of great guys to have aboard, and its all good!


Although Dave is still hunting for that 10lber, Bob got his biggest lake trout (12 lbs) , and (no pic, thankfully) biggest sheepshead (also about 12lbs)!

Best for us was the 65/70 riggers.   PPG Yeck spoons and the barely naked sticks for us to try!



August 8

Steady pick at a bunch of eaters for the first part of the trip, then a switch to light NE winds kind of shut it down for us.


70 ft rigger with an “Alibi” yeck was real good, and the 205 slide with a purple scatterap.   Mix of other tackle to complete the catch,