November 15

Got out on the local tributary today with Jack.   Way better day than last year when it was snowing and in the 30’s!

Thought it was a touch muddy,  and a touch quick, but Jack hadn’t been out yet this year, and he had a new pair of Korkers we had to get wet!

Jack landed 4 nice steelhead, including this beauty….nov15b1[1]

I hooked up with this dandy brown trout….nov15a1[1]

I told Jack that I’m pretty sure its the first Lake Erie brown I ever caught stream fishing!

Sucker spawn in hot pink or pink/apricot did it for us today!

2015 Season Over

Sadly, our 2015 lake season has come to a close.


Thank you to all of you that fished with us either on Lake Ontario in May or Lake Erie after that.   We had a great time this year, and it certainly helped that the walleye fishing was way better this year.

We are really looking forward to starting next year on Lake Ontario again!   Aiming for May 1, but stay tuned we’ll keep you posted on that as we get closer.   And we will be running Times Two up there in 2016!

September 16

My birthday today……so, decided to enjoy the nice late summer weather.   Was fortunate to have my close friend Gary (Kongo Charters) available to come along.

Didn’t rush to get out….took our time and finally got rods in the water around 8:30.   Very happy to see a great screen, in the same waters we’ve been working for the last 3-4 weeks.

We got 8 walleye in….lost another, plus the complimentary silver bass…..


Fish a touch higher in the water column today.  Ten color clean was the best, pink/chartreuse renosky.   Got a couple bites on the rigger at 60, and the copper took one shot too.


In 2016, we will be back (with Capt. Gary of Kongo Charters) for the month of May at Wilson NY for some fantastic Lake Ontario salmon and trout fishing!

We just opened the calendar over the weekend and May 13, 14 and 21 are already taken!

If you are interesting in catching a few of these…..




Give us a call or shoot us an email today!!!

Labor Day Weekend

Fishing since early August out of Dunkirk has been really good….the best at this time of year in a number of years.    Winds have been favorable and allowed for the temperature to set up, and remain stable!

Rolled into Labor Day Weekend knowing we’d have great lake conditions and weather, and time to fun fish.   Couldn’t have picked a better weekend.     Forecast unbelievably was spot on, breezy start to each day, then laying out.  Warm, mostly sunny, and the fish were hungry!


Doubled up a number of times…..




Sounds like a broken record, but fish again deep.   10 color off the boards with 1, 2 and 3 ounces.   Copper down the chute clean, and with an ounce, 185-205 wire divers, and 70-80 riggers.   All sticks.

Red head/pink head/chameleon/Mirror black and silver have been sure steady.

At the time of year that we are starting to wind it down, but hopefully we’ll get a few more weeks in……


September 3

Back at it today with Rick and crew.   They had won today’s trip at a fundraiser for Brooks Hospital a couple of years back and we never got it in.   SO….. headed back to that same general area we’ve been working for a couple of weeks.  85-105, straight out, give or take.   Pretty good start to the day, which turned into a battle of silver bass once the wind died out.

Still got in a bunch of nice ones, and a bonus laker at the end.


Pink Chartreuse and Red Gold Renosky’s continue to produce.  Lost what probably was our best shot of the day on the copper…including the copper 🙁

Labor Day forecast looking awesome……..

August 31 (pm)

Lake forecast has actually been pretty close of late….until tonight.   Light winds were replaced by 10-15 mph and that put a pretty good chop on Lake Erie.

Still have to have Nick and the kids come out, and we did get into a few.


Was rolling pretty good so we kept the boards in to start, and went with a basic 5 rod set.   185 diver ended up the best, and again a full load of the Renoskys!

August 30

Today, all you could say was WOW!

We were fortunate to get on the walleye right off the bat, and had 8 in the box before we had all the rods in the water!  Kept picking at them and managed to work thru the late morning lull to end up with our best box of the season!!




Working those deep fish again with Renosky’s still doing most of the damage.   Our 185 port diver was smoking, and copper took its share again.    Starboard rigger and diver was dead, despite running same baits??   Pink or red head continued to do it for us.

Darren ran a bunch with the Go Pro today, so we are hoping we can add some video shots soon.

August 29

We had Paul and his crew back aboard today….happy to get them out as their date last year was too rough to go!

As has been the case ALOT this summer, good early bite to get things going quickly, then a steady pick after that.   Big temp break between 75-80 ft had us working the deep rods all day.


With the fish deep, we’ve been opting to reduce the rods we are running and have been using a 7 rod set.   2 riggers, 2 wire divers, 2 10 colors off the boards and a 300 copper down the chute.   Its been pretty good.   Big surprise for me has been the 300 copper which is taking about 30% of our catch right now.

Renoskys were the best again.   No spoon action at all.

August 27

Had Bob, Ken and Dave aboard today.   So much for waves 1 foot or less.   Bit choppy to start, and kept an eye out for waterspouts early, which thankfully did not materialize.

Got into some nice walleye, and dropped a few good ones too.  WAY to many silver bass….seemed like you had to get 5 or 6 of those to equal one walleye.


Would also like to pass along our best wishes to the 4th member of the group who didn’t make it this trip.   Seems a stent was more important!  Good luck!!

Fish were again deep, and we took a couple on just about everything we ran….ten color clean, 300 copper, 85 rigger and 195 wire.  All renoskys.

Kind of our last busy push for the season this weekend, and looking forward to some good fishing!


Dunkirk NY Fishing Reports