Wilson April 7

Still a few weeks away from the 2019 splashdown for Times Two, but we got a text from our friend Capt. Joe Gallo of Two Bulls Charters (Wilson) asking us to come up. Quick message to my son and to Capt. Gary (Kongo) and we were set to go!

Felt great to be on the lake again for sure!

Took a few passes inside, but the water was pretty clear…still managed 2/3 on browns on bay rat short shallows and challengers.

We moved offshore and got into a laker fest. Triple off the bat, the steady action. Spin docs on the divers 175 and 190, mag purple taco warrior and chicken wing off the riggers.

Great day to be on the water, and nice to see our pal Capt. Joe. Topped it off with pizza, beer and a brewery tour at Woodcock Brothers. Great way to start the spring Lake Ontario season!


Thank you to all that have checked out the new site! We still have some issues we are working through with GoDaddy, but its getting there. Apparently it takes some time to get all the new data thru the search engines!

Spring is coming and it won’t be as long as you think! Get your date on Lake Ontario or Lake Erie on the books!

Niagara Falls EXPO

Just under two weeks until we are at the Niagara Falls Fishing and Outdoor Expo (January 18-20).

We will be doing a seminar on Lake Erie walleye tactics at 7:00 pm on Friday and another on Lake Erie walleye using crankbaits at 4:00 pm on Saturday with Captain Gary (Kongo Charters).

It’s not to early to get your date(s) on the book for Lake Erie walleye (mid-June thru September) or join us on Lake Ontario for some great spring salmon and trout fishing during May!

Stop by our booth….we will be in the second row between Magnum Metalz Riggers and Colville Outdoors. Let’s talk fishing!!

Black Friday Special!

We are going to join the Black Friday madness….SO….

If you book a charter for Lake Ontario (Wilson) in May/early June or a Lake Erie (Dunkirk) walleye charter from mid-June to late September,  including deposit, this Friday, November 23, 2018, take 10% of the rate of your charter!   One day only!

2019 is going to be EPIC!  Join in the fun!

Smith Mountain Lake

We recently headed to Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia with Capt. Gary (Kongo) to meet up with our friends Chris and Kris to do a little striper fishing.    I booked our trip with Capt. Scott Ward of Carson Custom Charters.  He’s a great guy and worked hard to put us on the fish.

The weather turned out to be pretty good…a bit cold…but we avoided the rain that was forecast and that we drove thru to get there.   Interesting ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the fog too!

Kris got the biggest one…a citation fish over 38″ and 21 lbs!  We ate fish two nights too and they are delicious!

Was a great trip and a really fun weekend!   Nice way to cap off the season!


We Are Done for 2018 :(

We very sadly have pulled Times Two for the season.   It was without a doubt our best season in the spring on Lake Ontario and the rest of the year on Lake Erie.   She’s earned her nap!

2019 is forecast to be more of the same, all things being equal and 2018 was EPIC!    We definitely had our best season ever for walleye, and the DEC folks say the next few years should be the same!  Can’t wait!

Thanks to those that worked as crew this year….Capt. Al (Instigator) and Capt. Joe (II Bulls) who filled in admirably for Gary (Kongo) up at Wilson and Jack, Marty, Frank, Tom, Don, Gary and of course Gerb on Lake Erie!    Also want to take the time to thank a number of Captains on both lakes that helped us keep you on the fish!

Our 2019 season will start April 28th or so in Wilson…come join us for some fantastic early season brown trout/laker fishing, followed by coho and kings!   We will be there until late May/early June depending on the bite.

We will be in the water on Lake Erie by June 10, ready to rock the walleye fishing!

A number of groups that have already booked their dates so the sooner you get your date(s) to us the better.   Weekends fill up first!

And remember we will be giving a walleye seminar at the Niagara Falls Outdoor Expo in January….great cure for cabin fever!


The rest of the season…..

Finished out our 2018 walleye season in great fashion!

For us, the final 2 weeks was a deeper bite…60-80 riggers,  150-175 on the divers on 2, leadcore 7 and 8 and 300 copper down the chute.

Same lures that have been doing it all season….diving sticks (including Bay Rats off the boards, small spoons off the riggers and long shallows off the copper and divers.    Purples and perch patterns were the best for sure.

Kind of funny that we started our 2018 season in light rain….

And ended up the same way at the end!


September 15/16

September 15…..More great fishing!!

Temps moved around some, so we made some adjustments….but great fishing again, nice lake conditions….could have done without the bugs!

September 16

Great way to spend my birthday!   Fishing with Jack and Gary. More of the same…..lots and lots of lures in the boxes, but really have run the same basic setup for weeks.  Only variation has been on what core….

Today, higher… 4/5 got it done….